Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tips to Keep Veterans Healthy

A few days ago, Emily over at Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog  e-mailed me and asked to do a guest post on my blog, well I am new to the blogger world and accepted! Emily is very passionate about veterans and their families and helping them learn about health risks many veterans are faced with or could possibly be faced with.

I am a granddaughter, niece, and will eventually be a wife to a veteran, any type of information to help my family and yours, I am sure will be very helpful. Maybe not today, but in the future.


Veterans are typically fit and healthy, but throughout the course of their jobs they come into contact with harmful substances and outdoor elements that compromise their health. It is important to keep veterans healthy when they return from war and minimize the exposure to environmental hazards. Let’s take a look at some of the hazards that veterans can be exposed at home and how they can be eliminated.

Eliminate Exposure to Asbestos
Many people were exposed to asbestos while on naval ships in the military. This exposure can lead to mesothelioma 10 to 50 years after the initial exposure. Veterans need regular checkups to ensure that asbestos has not been inhaled and trapped in the tissue linings. Even if veterans were not exposed during the military, they may take jobs in construction or live in dilapidated homes that may increase exposure to asbestos. Eliminate exposure to prevent cancer development.

Eat Healthy
Eat healthy food full of antioxidants to prevent a host of illnesses. Cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all health risks for veterans who do not eat healthy. Veterans must make a concerted effort to eat healthy and prevent illnesses from developing. Five servings of fruits and vegetables will fight free radicals and help to keep mental and physical health in check.

Exercise and Get an Annual Physical
Exercise daily and get an annual physical to stay healthy. Exercise is recommended to prevent cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Believe it or not, it also is effective in regulating mood. Exercise 30 minutes per day to prevent illnesses from developing.

Protect Hearing
In combat; veterans are exposed to loud noises that could potentially damage the ears. After they return home, they must protect their ears from loud noises by wearing protective earmuffs or earplugs. Protection will prevent hearing problems later in life.

Stay Fit and Healthy With a Few Simple Tips
Every veteran should stay fit and healthy by following these few simple steps. Veterans served our country and deserve to have a long life without significant health problems. Try the tips and increase the longevity of your life for your friends, family, and peers.

I hope this information from Emily will help a family out there seeking information. If you have any questions I am sure Emily will not mind you e-mailing her at ewalsh@mesothelioma.com.

Thank you again Emily for all the great information!

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